Research at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK)

Besides offering taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses, Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) is strongly committed to undertaking research into the arts and design, and into the cultural studies and technological issues intimately related to such an endeavour. In doing so, the university fulfils the research remit assigned to it by the federal goverment. Set within a broad transdisciplinary and international context, research at ZHdK is conducted in accordance with the methods, practices, and outcomes specific to an arts university that is, in terms of the particular interrelations between the arts, design, science, and research.

Pursuant to its research remit, the ZHdK has founded various institutes to strengthen, render distinctive, and focus its research activities. Our institutes develop research initiatives, undertake research projects and programmes, and lend their support to and accompany the research undertaken within and across the University. Institute research activities, moreover, form an integral part of our postgraduate programmes and the various doctoral programmes run in conjunction with our national and international partner universities.

Research is conducted at all ZHdK Departments, whose Institutes are responsible for undertaking specific projects. Each institute has various Research Focuses (FSP). Two such focuses are currently being developed without having the status of an institute.

ZHdK research projects include EU-funded research, third-party projects (supported by national funding agencies such as CTI, SNSF, and various foundations), and collaborations with other universities, universities of applied sciences, and research institutions. Our research institutes also initiate research projects supported by internal funding.

ZHdK research and development (F+E), and the dissemination of our research findings across the arts, science, education, and to a wider public, make an indispensable contribution to promoting innovation in society which is one of our chief concerns as a leading, cutting-edge arts university.