Department of Art & Media

The Department of Art & Media offers internationally acclaimed and ambitious taught courses and research opportunities. We focus on the profound development of experimental and diverse individual and collaborative points of entry into artistic, theoretical, and (trans-)media practices. The core features of our department are the appropriation of specific artistic and creative techniques and an intentional openness toward the processual character of artistic practices.

Due to its well-established network in Europe, Switzerland and Zurich (Zurich University, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, cultural and media networks in Zurich), the department functions as a major research institution for artists, (media-)authors, theorists, art critics, curators, and scholars in the arts and aesthetic theory in Europe.

Our Bachelor of Arts in Media & Art aims to build the fundamental skills in artistic and authorial practices, and to enable students to position themselves and their work within artistic, creative, and cultural institutions. Students graduating from our Master of Fine Arts will have developed a strong and complex profile as (media-)authors.

Prospective students are required to apply for one specialisation, but will be able to study across all four specialisations throughout their studies. Upon successful course completion, students are awarded a “Bachelor of Arts in Media & Art."

Our Master of Fine Arts programme allows artists, media-authors, theorists, and curators to work collaboratively and individually as well as transdisciplinarily in one programme. Upon successful course completion, students are awarded a "Master of Arts in Fine Arts."

The Department of Art & Media is home to The Institute for Contemporary Art Research. Research in this institute focuses on manifold aspects of artistic research, aesthetics, and non-discursive knowledge practices.