Department of Music

Bachelor and Master Courses

Located at Toni-Areal in Zurich, the Department of Music at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) has approximately 690 students, specializing in a broad spectrum of disciplines ranging from instrumental/vocal studies to electro-acoustical composition or music and movement.

Our Bachelor of Arts in Music provides a general education loosely at a specific profession. Students choose from a range of specializations, which allows them to develop outstanding skills in a core area from the outset and to prepare for the subsequent Master's programme. We also offer a Bachelor of Arts in Music and Movement Pedagogy, which qualifies graduates to teach Music and Movement at the pre-school and lower school levels. Students may subsequently enter Master's programmes in Interpretation and Performance, Pedagogy, or Composition and Music Theory, which each lead to distinct qualifications. Course duration varies, but as a rule ranges between four and six semesters. Successful BA students may progress to postgraduate studies in the form of a Master's programme in the same or in a different major, depending on the level of skill. The maximum duration of study is limited to two master programs.

Personalizing the curriculum

We promote personalized curriculums with a self-chosen emphasis, in order to help students best attain their personal goals. By providing a wide range of optional subjects and subject combinations, our courses are designed to offer the greatest possible flexibility (for example, several curricula exist for chamber musicians and vocalists).