BA Music: Instrument/Voice: Classical Music

Specialisation in Classical Instrument / Voice

The Specialisation in Classical Instrument/Voice develops the fundamental skills needed to master and perform a broad instrumental or vocal repertoire. Since teaching music demands advanced instrumental or vocal skills, coursework focuses on fostering individual development and on promoting a critical approach to one’s own learning behaviour. Students also acquire further knowledge and skills in general music, improvisation, ensemble, and those required for a second or variant instrument. This basic training enables them to apply these skills to their own interpretations or teaching practice.

Specific Course Contents

Coursework focuses on further extending technical and musical skills on the chosen principal instrument or voice, as well as developing a broad repertoire, including solo works, chamber music, instrumental or vocal parts. General music classes focus on further deepening the fundamentals of music theory and history. Purposeful audition preparation for both solo and ensembles performances completes the development of solid working techniques and their application. Our programme attaches great importance to linking theory and practice and to developing individual career pathways. 


Students majoring in Classical Music as their core subject must possess advanced instrumental or vocal skills. They must also be able to demonstrate their practical experience in chamber music, vocal ensembles, or orchestras, preferably in a range of styles. Previous experience in a broad range of styles is of advantage. Other requirements include artistic talent, creativity, resilience, physiological aptitude, discipline, and stamina. Students seeking to teach music must have a corresponding vocation. 

Consecutive Master's 

The Specialisation in Classical Instrument/Voice provides ideal preparation for the Master of Arts in Classical Music Education, the Master of Arts in Music Performance (with a Specialisation in Performance and Church Music), and the Master of Arts in Specialized Music Performance (Solo Performance, Opera, Ensemble).