Admissions Examination MA Music Performance

Specialization in Instrument / Voice - Classical Music

Core Subject - Concert

The examination comprises two parts:

A. Major Subject

  1. Repertoire: Performance of repertoire pieces, all from different style periods, to a total duration of 50 minutes
    a) Piano major: The four to five works should include a classical sonata, a representative work of the Romantic period, and a virtuoso étude (Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninoff, or similar works).
  2. At least one work must be performed by heart
  3. Candidates submit a list of works to be performed upon entering the audition room
  4. Sight-playing/sight-singing of a simple piece of music
  5. The jury will listen to a selection of the repertoire

B. Discussion

Candidates will be asked to explain their study and career objectives. The following discussion will focus in particular on shaping an individual course profile.

Based on the discussion and the current level of German skills of the candidate, it will be decided to which extent mandatory German language courses will be required in order to join the Master program (admission requirements §3)