Admissions Examination MA Music Pedagogy

Specialization in Instrument / Voice - Classical Music

  • (Duration: 30 minutes)

A) Performance

  • Performance of repertoire pieces. Candidates submit a list of works from different periods and different styles (total duration 30 minutes). The jury will listen to a selection of pieces. At least one work must be performed by heart.
Specific requirements for piano and trumpet majors:
  • Candidates seeking admission as piano majors are required to play pieces from at least three periods of style, including one classical sonata and additionally one étude (Clementi, Cramer, Czerny, Chopin, Liszt, or similar).
  • Candidates seeking admission as trumpet majors are required to play pieces from different periods, as well as the Etude No. 1 from Paolo Longinotti’s «Studies in classical and modern style» (IMC)
Specific requirements for organ majors:
  • Parts 1 and 2 last a total of 40 minutes. Candidates seeking to major in organ must perform compositions from at least three different style periods, including a work by J.S. Bach of intermediate difficulty (e.g., Prelude and Fugue BWV 547).
  • Examination topics include sight-reading and improvisation.
  • The latter examination topic consists of a prepared section (candidates choose two chorale partita representing two different chorale styles—e.g., Baroque and modal—of which one must be performed at the jury’s summons) and an unprepared section (candidates will be set the improvisation task at the examination).

B) Sight-playing/sight-singing

  • Sight-playing/sight-singing of a simple piece

C) Discussion

  • In a brief discussion, candidates will be asked to discuss their course and career objectives.

German Language Proficiency

  • The official language of the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) is German. To be able to follow classes in German a minimal level of B1 (international standard) at the beginning of studies is required.